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Born in 1987, Asterios Gousios always showed an affinity for pictures and a love for stories. This combination first led him to comics and later in his life to a great interest in both mediums of cinematography and photography.


After receiving his diploma in Visual Arts (Directing), Asterios spent some years honing his craft by creating his own no-budget films. His knowledge grew to include both creative writing as well as masterfull editing, while his directing skills kept improving steadily. The experience of working with no-budget films also taught him how to organize and produce events, as well as the value of teamwork. Having successfully completed several no-budget films, he volunteered for the "Balkan's - A Minorities Puzzle" and "CHARM II" projects (funded by the European Union) where he served as Director, Camera Operator and Editor. The opportunity allowed him to travel and film all over the Balkans and some of Europe, too.


Asterios keeps making his own films and experimenting on Video Art, while at the same time creating promotional / advertising videos and acting as a photographer in both promotionals and events. He has participated as a quest lecturer in two workshops, first the "DIY Movie Workshop" (organized by the Ksanthi Cinema Group "Gefira", April 2013) and second the "Directing and Editing - Basic Training for EVS Workshop" (organized by the N.G.O. United Societies of Balkans, May 2015).


In conclusion, he lives, he breathes, he takes photographs and he films. And he loves it. 


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